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Baga-Biga Musika Ideiak

Phone: 618 072 076

E-mail: korrontzi@gmail.com

Web: www.baga-biga.eus

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Contracting Spain and Portugal

Mirmidón Producciones

Phone: 667 706 241

E-mail: maruchy.mirmidon@gmail.com

Web: www.mirmidon.com


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Last Friday we should have played in Lekeitio, Saturday in Zalla, yesterday Sunday we would have been in Tordera (Catalunya) and today Monday in the Retreta of Gasteiz... Many concerts canceled and we don't know when will we see each other on stage again... From here we transmit all our strength and encouragement to all the musicians, dancers, technicians, managers, record labels and promoters who work with us regularly. Gora trikitixa and aupa Rufino!