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Baga-Biga Musika Ideiak

Phone: 618 072 076

E-mail: korrontzi@gmail.com

Web: www.baga-biga.eus

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Contracting Spain and Portugal

Mirmidón Producciones

Phone: 667 706 241

E-mail: maruchy.mirmidon@gmail.com

Web: www.mirmidon.com


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And finally this week we present our new project KORRONTZI BENEFIC! A solidarity project that we have carried out in order to help the children of two NGOs: TDH-Gizakien Lurra and Aitzina-Aefat. The project consists of a new work that will be on sale for the first time in the "Durangoko azoka" (basque music and literature market) and three special concerts that we will offer at the end of December, stay tuned! Meanwhile today I present you the cover of the new work, do you like it? They are Soumaya and Fanta, help you us!