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Baga-Biga Musika Ideiak

Phone: 618 072 076

E-mail: korrontzi@gmail.com

Web: www.baga-biga.eus

Logotipo Baga-Biga

Contracting Spain and Portugal

Mirmidón Producciones

Phone: 667 706 241

E-mail: maruchy.mirmidon@gmail.com

Web: www.mirmidon.com


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KORRONTZI and our last project "BENEFIC" Nominated to the MIN Awards of the UFI !!!

Go to https://goo.gl/DfyHnd and give us your vote in the sections of:

-Best Artist

-Song of the year

-Best Music Producer

-Best Music Video

-Best Graphic Design

-Best Promotional Photography

-Best Direct

Hurry up, last days to comment, the deadline ends on February 28!

Thanks for helping us!